Children’s Home Construction Progress

Blocks are currently being laid for the basement area of the first home. It is difficult to see how large the building is going to be from these photos because the basement is only half the width of the completed structure.

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One Year In…

It has been about one year since we launched our initial fundraising effort.  In that time we have made significant progress and learned a lot along the way.  As of early March 2013 we have been awarded a $200,000 Construction Grant and a $200,000 matching grant from the Cherokee Preservation Foundation.  We were also awarded the HUD Indian Country Development Block Grant for $486,000. 

The Boy’s Club conducted a Payroll Deduction Campaign and raised an additional $5,000.  We have also received the first 2 of 5 installments from the EBCI for an additional $160,000.  The 7th Annual Sequoyah Classic in August of 2012 raised an additional $30,000. We also received another generous gift from Tom and Leah Bennett in Louisville, KY of another $25,000  The First Annual Children’s Home Cornhole Tournament was this past weekend on Saturday March 16th and we made an additional $1500.  All this activity has resulted in over $1,000,000 being raised so far, plus other contributions. 

We are in the final stages of negotiating a contract for the construction of the homes which we hope will be $1.2 million for the first home and $800,000 for the second home.  According to all we have raised at this time, and based on what we expect the cost to be, we will still have a need of around $600,000.  We are currently planning on a Tribal Employee Payroll Deduction Campaign as well as reaching out to the Cherokee Community at large for support in our endeavor. 

With some hard work and lots of prayer we will soon begin to realize this goal and live in our dream. Many Thanks to all who have been a part of this effort!!  Again if you feel the need to be a part of this and would like to help please contact Cris Weatherford, Children’s Home Director, at or Monica Lambert, Children’s Home Admin. Assistant at