New Home Campaign

The Cherokee Children’s Home is currently seeking funds to help support our project to build a new children’s home. The cottages that the Children’s Home uses now have served the Tribe very well. They are good homes that feel like a home to children that stay there. Since 1969, however, building codes have been developed and change annually. State Licensing Codes have also been developed and changed so that homes can be the safest places for children to live and children have enough space in the home to grow. In a sense the Children’s Home was built before it-s time because there were no building codes or residential childcare licenses in 1969. The Children’s Home needs a new facility. The children that have to come and live there deserve to be the safest they can be. They deserve a home in which they have their own space to grow and learn. They deserve the best we can give them. The community acted on this need once before, in 1969. The Children’s Home staff utilizes nearly all of the community support available to meet the needs of the children. We asked in 1969 and we received. We are asking again for the communities’ support.

Floor Plan for New Children's Home

The new Children’s Home will be completely in compliance with all Fire and Safety and Sanitation guidelines.  A new Children’s Home will be completely in compliance with State Licensing Building codes.  The new Children’s Home will also be an environmentally conscious built facility, built to LEED Standards.  The Children’s Home will be in a private location and provide as many private rooms as possible to help children feel safe.  The new Children’s Home will be modernized in both everyday appliances as well as with extra measures to keep the children and the staff safe, such as discrete security cameras and sensors on the windows and doors to alert staff when they are opened and closed.  The new Children’s Home will be built to maximize space and aid staff in being efficient as possible.  The new Children’s Home will help more children and help the staff to be more flexible so that all the needs of all the children can be met.

The proposed project for the new Children’s Home will include two, ten-bed homes for children and an administration building on a 28-acre property on Goose Creek Road.  The Cherokee Boy’s Club purchased this property in 1999.  So far the Children’s Home has received an $80,000 grant from the Cherokee Preservation Foundation to assist with the architectural design of the new homes and consulting in fund raising.  Help us Build a New Home for our Native ChildrenThe Children’s Home is also contributing all of the profits from the annual Sequoyah Classic Golf Tournaments in 2010, 2011 and 2012 to the construction of the new homes.  This should amount to $30,000 per year.  The Tribe has included $80,000 per year for the next five years to the project.  The Children’s Home has applied for a HUD Grant that would be an additional $600,000.  The total cost of the project is estimated at this time to be $2.5 million dollars.  That leaves an additional $1.01 million dollars needed to complete this project that could potentially improve the lives of an additional 1700 people.  These children deserve this chance.  The people of the Tribe deserve this chance. The future of this Tribe deserves this chance to improve.  It will take all of us helping as one.